A letter to prospective clients 2019/2020

Letter to prospective clients of Budget Blooms


Thanks for your interest in Budget Blooms!  We would love to work with you on your big day.  We would like to go over some things that will make it easier for both of us in case we do not get time to tell you during our email conversation.  Please read this through to ensure all goes well on your day.  Please feel free to skip anything you feel isn’t relevant.  Please send us a quick email to ask any questions on below and let us know you have read it.  We don’t there to be any surprises on your day.


The View on Londsale, The Listel and Forage!

When we lost my father in law we wanted to have a Celebration of life that was on the North Shore. Being in the industry I had done a few weddings at The View on Lonsdale and loved it. The view is incredible, so is the food and service. Both are provided by Forage Restaurant and catering at The Listel Hotel on Robson. Julianna and her team did such an amazing job. I wanted to share a few photos of our event at the View on Lonsdale. I found a great wedding photo on google to show the deck off a little more. Truly a lovely venue for a small to large event.

Julianna was amazing and invited my team and I to dinner at Forage with a tour of the hotel and wedding rooms. It’s a stunning boutique hotel who have an amazing indigenous art collection in the rooms.

Forage was an incredible restaurant where we tried Bison. Amazing by the way! Each dish was an adventure and distinct from the next. The pan bread, I can’t say enough about. A few of the wonderful dishes we got to try were farmer green salad, fresh cheese, hazelnut streusel, foraged and cultivated mushrooms and elderflower and fromage frais cheese puff. I highly recommend this west coast inspired farm to table restaurant.

The Forage team are first class event caterers in Vancouver and area.

The case against extravagant weddings!

According to a recent study, the average wedding cost in the US is $33,391—and that’s not even including the amount spent on an engagement ring.

As you might imagine, the figures vary widely from state-to-state. Couples in New York City spend the most at $76,944, while couples in New Mexico spend the least at $17,584.

If that sounds like a lot of money, it is. To put that into historical perspective, wedding spending has increased 3000% since the 1950s! Extravagant, expensive weddings are becoming the norm.

A wedding is an important day and a significant moment in time. It signifies the day we commit the rest of our lives to another human being—to love, cherish, and honor until death do us part. It is a commitment we make in front of friends and family and often represents the joining of two families into one.

This article is, by no means, meant to downplay the importance of that special day. But we should consider if this trend to spend more and more money on weddings is a wise choice.

It is helpful, I think, to consider some of the negative ramifications of an expensive and extravagant wedding. Ever-increasing wedding costs are not necessary and may actually do more harm than good.

Consider the reasons:

1. Extravagant weddings result in increased stress and distraction.Wedding days are stressful enough—adding dozens of unnecessary frills and expenses makes them even more so.

On the other hand, a simple wedding helps keep focus on the bride and groom rather than decorations, accommodations, and food.

2. Expensive weddings bring financial consequences felt for years. If you are going into debt to pay for your wedding, please don’t. Financial pressures consistently rank as one of the top reasons for divorce.

Even if you do have the money saved, it can almost certainly be spent wiser elsewhere: paying off debt, a down payment on your first home, or even the honeymoon experience.

3. Extravagant weddings often distract from the hard work of preparing for marriage. When it comes to joining two lives into one, how many flowers will be in each centerpiece at the reception dinner is the least of your concerns. You and your future spouse should be talking about plans for your life together, methods of communication, and family experiences that may result in mismatched expectations.

Spend as much time together in premarital counseling as you do planning the actual ceremony. That is where the true foundation for a successful marriage is laid.

4. Expensive weddings are not necessarily more beautiful. The early assumption made by brides and grooms is that spending more money will result in a more beautiful experience and ceremony. But that is simply not the case. I have attended expensive weddings that were beautiful, for sure. But I have also attended simple weddings that were even more beautiful and often showcased more of the bride’s (and groom’s) personality.

Simplicity, as they say, is the ultimate sophistication.

5. Extravagant weddings magnify mistakes and mishaps. Almost no wedding gets by without some mishap occurring during the day—whether before, during, or after the ceremony. In my opinion, when a couple has invested so much time, energy, and money into a ceremony, they are more likely to sweat the small stuff thinking their financial investment would have insulated them from any moments of imperfection.

Take heart. The little mishaps on your wedding day will be the memories you talk about the most. Not allowing them to ruin your special moment when they occur is key to enjoying your day.

6. Extravagant weddings tend to promote (or result from) competition.Thinking your wedding day must measure up to a purely subjective standard set by a friend or family member is a foolish way to spend your day. “Comparison is the thief of joy,” Theodore Roosevelt once famously said. Allowing it to creep into your wedding day, in any fashion, is a poor choice.

Your wedding day is about you and your future spouse. Nobody else.

7. Expensive weddings often result in shorter marriages. Believe it or not, there is evidence that marriage duration is inversely associated with spending on the engagement ring and wedding ceremony. Couples who spend less on their ceremony are more likely to remain together longer.

In the same study, there was also connection made between the honeymoon and the marriage: Going on a honeymoon is “significantly associated with a lower hazard of divorce.” Based on these stats, spending money on your honeymoon is a wiser investment than money on the ceremony.

My wedding occurred before my introduction to minimalism. And yet, it was not an extravagant one. It was big, but not expensive.

Kim and I got married at our home church in Omaha, NE with 400-500 people in attendance. Our ceremony was not flashy, but included many beautiful elements you would assume to be present at a traditional church wedding service. For our reception, we served sandwiches and cake and punch. If I could do it over, there’s not a single thing I would change.

Not a single day of our lives have we looked back and regretted not spending more on our wedding. But I know many couples who look back and regret the amount of money they wasted on their ceremony.

If you’d like a simple wedding, here are some helpful ideas to get you started:

  • Set a budget (and stick to it).

  • Choose elements that are important to you, but limit the number. Try fewer flowers, simpler decorations, or less food choices. You can keep many of the traditional elements (if that is your style) without needing to go over the top with any of them.

  • Don’t shell out big money for expensive accommodations. A simple church building can be just as beautiful as an expensive wedding chapel. And if the time of year permits, a backyard can easily host an intimate, informal, unforgettable reception with little expense.

  • Look for personal touches. A wedding ceremony that communicates your unique personalities and/or time together will always be considered more thoughtful by your guests than expensive add-ons bought at the bridal store.

  • Realize the wedding industry is built entirely on convincing you that you need xThere are entire stores, catalogs, and websites in business today working tirelessly to convince you that you need x or y in order for your wedding to be perfect. They are wrong. You don’t need anything—except for maybe official paperwork from your state and a few witnesses to sign the document.

  • Enjoy your simple, precious day focused on the things that matter most.

Marital happiness has nothing to do with your wedding ceremony. It has everything to do with the weeks and years and life together after.

That’s why the simplest weddings are often the happiest.


Vase Care - helping your flowers last!

This blog is store related as we want your flower arrangements to last. When florists make arrangements they use a range of flowers - some more blown open to look great now, and some are closed up to look great later. Typically the stems are left longer to have more visual impact. Everyone loves long stems, but it is also one of the main reasons flowers die quickly.

A little flower knowledge - the longer the stem the faster they die. Think of the flower having to pull water up that long stem. Clogs happen as it’s a natural product. Once it’s clogged the flower will start to wilt. It may be clogged only 2” above the bottom of the stem or 8” - both have the same affect. Wilted flowers.

Florists always go on and on about sharp knives/flower sheers. Truly this is the most important part of our job. They need to be sharp and new to cut the stem cleanly. If they are dull or have been used on paper you will crush the capillaries (arteries) of the flower at the base, result, wilted flowers as they can’t drink.

One point I want to make is please do not use flower food unless you do it exactly. Fresh clean water, cutting the stems shorter (you may need to use a smaller vase) as they wilt and good sharp floral sheers will keep your flowers alive far longer.

Does & Don’ts for your arrangement

Keep filling up the water level to keep it high. Gravity helps force water up the stems when it’s high.

Do take out the flowers that are wilting and try cutting them short, put in warm water in a short vase. They often will perk up. Leaving healthy flowers in the vase.

Do keep out of direct sun. It forces the flowers to open quickly and causes fast bacteria growth.

Don’t re-cut unless you have dedicated floral sheers or knife. Keep our cut and keep filling the vase.

We hope this helps and email us anytime if questions.


As the large arrangement ages, cut stems shorter. Break up into smaller vases. The shortened stem length will extend life of your flowers.

How to put on a boutonniere or corsage!

We are usually gone by the time our customers are putting bouts/corsages on. We hope this helps.

The one major rule is they always go on the left lapel. There will be a back and a front to them. The small flower accents typically sit up front. and the greenery are placed on the back showing best at the front.

Photo credit - Monique Sache, email flaminmopix@yahoo.com


Under the lapel or dress put one pin in sideways capturing the back of the stems


The second pin just captures the stems from the top. Stab it softly downwards into the stem of the bout/corsage. Not enough to go through to the front. This one stabilizes it from swinging side to side.

Peach vs. Coral - Colour names can be confusing

I remember in the early days arriving at a hotel with coral coloured bouquets and the Bride was frustrated. The flowers were lovely but she had asked for “Coral”. As my heart dropped she showed me the Bridesmaids dresses that had just arrived. They were also coral, an exact match to the flowers. She had wanted peach but thought it was coral. Her whole wedding was coral, flowers/dresses/linens etc, as she thought that was the name of the colour. It had just been a marketing name.

When we read magazines or read colours of dresses, they can have a marketing name that seems like a colour. It might just be a name of that particular product that sounded nice.

Please find swatches to send along with your photos if you want a specific colour. It keeps everything clear. Here are examples of these popular colours.

BB Round (87).JPG



Coral with light peach accents

Brix & Mortar - I can't say enough

In June I was lucky enough to be invited to a friends wedding at one of our favorite venues, Brix & Mortar in Yaletown. Until I was able to be a guest, it was a wedding venue I loved due to how great the staff always were to us, and how pretty it is.

Now that I have been a guest I cannot rave enough about this award winning wedding venue. It’s suitable up to 95 people sit down and 120 cocktail reception. The venue itself needs very little decoration, even though that’s my business, I will share the secret that candles are the only necessity. It’s such a great space for ceremony in the atrium and reception in the restaurant & atrium. The atrium in summer is cool and in winter it is warm and rain free. It’s the perfect set up. Yes I am raving but it’s well deserved.

The food! I can’t say enough about the food. The appetizers were delicious and the stand out for me was the “fish & chip”! When we sat down to dinner we received top service. Our meals were pipping hot and delicious. They have enough staff to ensure your wedding is well served.

After dinner the desserts and coffee were served in the atrium. Dancing was in the bar area. By the way the bar is a golden glowing “want to hang out at” area. You just want to order something. I was the DD so it was ginger-ale but it was still amazing to stand at. I won’t talk about my Husband lol! He had a hand signal with the barman. As the dancing continued the staff danced too as they went back and forth.

In short it was professional, relaxed yet managed and business to business I think they have figured it out. 750 plus weddings later - they know how to help you have a wonderful wedding day celebration.


Flowers - seasons, tradition & what's less expensive!

A few topics trending are…

1) When are popular wedding flowers in season?

Peony’s - let’s do the Brides fav first - in the Vancouver area they are in season May through mid-July. Depending on weather they can start or finish a little early/late. Too hot in the spring then they finish early, Too cold and they won’t be ready until mid-May but the bonus is they may go till the end of July.

Dahlia’s start mid-June and typically go till the first frost. They are a nice big flower and come in a lot of lovely colours.

Roses, hydrangea, lisianthus, freesia, spray roses, stock and most of the other wedding flowers that are available locally & imported are available most of the year.

Anenomes - these beauties are available through out the year but there are gaps. It’s one of the flowers you just have to keep your fingers crossed.

Eryngium - this steele blue beauty is available most of the year give or take a few weeks for crop rotation.

Eucalyptus - available all year round but in the spring it can look fairly unhealthy. We had a bad spring with eucalyptus and had to throw a lot out. By mid-summer late fall it’s back to healthy.

2) What are traditional wedding flowers?

Typically hydrangea, roses, freesia and lisianthus are main wedding flowers. There are some lovely flowers that come and go with fashion such as anenomes, ranunculus, eryngium and carnations. Yes carns, most of the hot designers use them lower in arrangements for colour. They come in a million colours - and last!

3) What’s less expensive but still nice?

We love certain mums. The ones without the green centers can fill a vase well and look more like hydrangea than mums. It’s the variety you pick that makes or breaks them. They come in all colours including marsala.

Carnations - I know, I know! They come in every colour and look more like hydrangea when used well. It’s all about what you mix them with. Also they stay low so they are more hidden. If you play with the carn it can look like a scabiosa (terrible name but lovely flower).

Hydrangea - they are an expensive flower but they are so big that you can use fewer of them to make a fairly big arrangement. They can save you money if you use just hydrangea.

Hope this helps. Email us if I have missed your favorite flowers.

Jane & the BB Team

Mixed greens.jpg

2019 Floral & Wedding Trends

I was recently lucky enough to go to the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas. I heard Bernadette talk about next years trends and colours for weddings/flowers. Here they are…

1) Moody Hues (navy, black, maroon and deep hunter green)

Suggestions for the more moody colours. We can tint berries or greenery to be black. Anenomes with there black/deep blue centers. Calla’s come in nearly black. Privot berry is a favorite but only available a few times a year. Deep hunter greenery such as the ruscus greens, nagi or Ivy are wonderful in garden style arrangements.

Copy of A letter to prospective clients 2018/2019

Letter to prospective clients of Budget Blooms


Thanks for your interest in Budget Blooms!  We would love to work with you on your big day.  We would like to go over some things that will make it easier for both of us in case we do not get time to tell you during our email conversation.  Please read this through to ensure all goes well on your day.  Please feel free to skip anything you feel isn’t relevant.  Please send us a quick email to ask any questions on below and let us know you have read it.  We don’t there to be any surprises on your day.


Marsala Garden Style!

I wanted to share this gorgeous winter wedding.  Chelsey and Brendan were as chill as the day.  They lucked out with no rain and were able to take these wonderful shots by Clint Bargen Photography.

Marsala is one of the prettiest colour combinations and garden style shows it so well.  Wishing Chelsey & Brendan an amazing life together.

Stunning White September Wedding!

Kelly and Stu were amazing to work with.  They came from Toronto to marry in Vancouver.  They chose our textured bouquets and our 4″ cylinder vases for the tables.  They fit perfectly with Bridges Restaurant, a gorgeous Vancouver location.  Cliff Ma Photography captured these stunning shots.

The store of an event florist!

I wanted to explain our store. We are firstly a wedding, corporate event and holiday florist. What that means is that we do not keep a huge selection of flowers in the store for walk ins unless it’s a holiday time. We always have fresh and gorgeous designers choice bouquets as our weekly deal but we do not have a big selection. If you need something specific it needs to be ordered ahead of time.

In the summers weddings and events have extra flowers. Sometimes we need 5 roses out of a bunch of 25 for a wedding as it’s a small order. What do we do with the 20! We make water wraps & vase arrangements. Neither item can be beat due to how we do things.

A letter to prospective clients

Letter to prospective clients of Budget Blooms


Thanks for your interest in Budget Blooms!  We would love to work with you on your big day.  We would like to go over some things that will make it easier for both of us in case we do not get time to tell you during our email conversation.  Please read this through to ensure all goes well on your day.  Please feel free to skip anything you feel isn’t relevant.  Please send us a quick email to ask any questions on below and let us know you have read it.  We don’t there to be any surprises on your day.


Budget Minded Weddings

When I was prepping for the radio spot I wrote down these notes and I thought they might just help couples decide on dates/budget etc. Did you know that 80% of weddings happen between May and the end of September!

Here are some things to be budget minded about…

  1. What is a budget – a budget is what you can afford.  To me this also goes beyond money.  It’s about budgeting how your time will be spent leading up to your day as well as how much you will spend.

    1. Can you afford to be the person who cleans up after your wedding emotionally.

    2. Can you afford all the time it takes for those little details that will stop you enjoying all the little moments that count the most leading up to your day.  Is saving $10 per table center really worth weeks of your time collecting materials.  Sometimes it is but sometimes it isn’t.

Our radio spot on Sense of Place with Minelle Mahtani – 98.3 Roundhouse Radio

Last August I was lucky enough to be picked to talk on 98.3 Roundhouse Radio about our way!  About how we do things and offering a few tips.  It was so fun to talk to Minelle.  I was fairly nervous as it was the first time.

Here is the show.  Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Click here

How we work & why we are different!

It’s tough to order online when it’s a once in a life time day.  We get that.  The thing is that if we did consultations we would have to charge for that time somehow.  Margins on perishable products are not huge and we wanted to “be a good deal”.  To provide great flowers at our prices we had to cut out time.

When starting the business and working solo I realized that I would never have the time to meet and spend an hour (plus travel time, organization time), lets say 2.5 hours with each client.  I started to think that I always ordered online.