Peach vs. Coral - Colour names can be confusing

I remember in the early days arriving at a hotel with coral coloured bouquets and the Bride was frustrated. The flowers were lovely but she had asked for “Coral”. As my heart dropped she showed me the Bridesmaids dresses that had just arrived. They were also coral, an exact match to the flowers. She had wanted peach but thought it was coral. Her whole wedding was coral, flowers/dresses/linens etc, as she thought that was the name of the colour. It had just been a marketing name.

When we read magazines or read colours of dresses, they can have a marketing name that seems like a colour. It might just be a name of that particular product that sounded nice.

Please find swatches to send along with your photos if you want a specific colour. It keeps everything clear. Here are examples of these popular colours.

BB Round (87).JPG



Coral with light peach accents