Flowers - seasons, tradition & what's less expensive!

A few topics trending are…

1) When are popular wedding flowers in season?

Peony’s - let’s do the Brides fav first - in the Vancouver area they are in season May through mid-July. Depending on weather they can start or finish a little early/late. Too hot in the spring then they finish early, Too cold and they won’t be ready until mid-May but the bonus is they may go till the end of July.

Dahlia’s start mid-June and typically go till the first frost. They are a nice big flower and come in a lot of lovely colours.

Roses, hydrangea, lisianthus, freesia, spray roses, stock and most of the other wedding flowers that are available locally & imported are available most of the year.

Anenomes - these beauties are available through out the year but there are gaps. It’s one of the flowers you just have to keep your fingers crossed.

Eryngium - this steele blue beauty is available most of the year give or take a few weeks for crop rotation.

Eucalyptus - available all year round but in the spring it can look fairly unhealthy. We had a bad spring with eucalyptus and had to throw a lot out. By mid-summer late fall it’s back to healthy.

2) What are traditional wedding flowers?

Typically hydrangea, roses, freesia and lisianthus are main wedding flowers. There are some lovely flowers that come and go with fashion such as anenomes, ranunculus, eryngium and carnations. Yes carns, most of the hot designers use them lower in arrangements for colour. They come in a million colours - and last!

3) What’s less expensive but still nice?

We love certain mums. The ones without the green centers can fill a vase well and look more like hydrangea than mums. It’s the variety you pick that makes or breaks them. They come in all colours including marsala.

Carnations - I know, I know! They come in every colour and look more like hydrangea when used well. It’s all about what you mix them with. Also they stay low so they are more hidden. If you play with the carn it can look like a scabiosa (terrible name but lovely flower).

Hydrangea - they are an expensive flower but they are so big that you can use fewer of them to make a fairly big arrangement. They can save you money if you use just hydrangea.

Hope this helps. Email us if I have missed your favorite flowers.

Jane & the BB Team

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