2019 Floral & Wedding Trends

I was recently lucky enough to go to the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas. I heard Bernadette talk about next years trends and colours for weddings/flowers. Here they are…

1) Moody Hues (navy, black, maroon and deep hunter green)

Suggestions for the more moody colours. We can tint berries or greenery to be black. Anenomes with there black/deep blue centers. Calla’s come in nearly black. Privot berry is a favorite but only available a few times a year. Deep hunter greenery such as the ruscus greens, nagi or Ivy are wonderful in garden style arrangements.

2) Creative venue options

Small restaurants, churches, parks and backyards are fun for smaller weddings.

3) Buttoned up barns - barns made for weddings

This is a glam barn setting that is made for a wedding. It’s a fully functioning wedding venue.

4) Bold typography & materials

5) Return to retro cameras/Polaroids

6) Floral jewelry

7) Creative lighting

8) Scent-ing your wedding

Come up with a scent you both love and add it as an accent at your wedding. Home made candles with your essential oil mix would be a lovely give away. Just ensure it’s very mild in case of allergies.

9) Surprise element - unexpected entertainment

A choir shows up going down after your vows. Mini horses come around the side of the church to mingle during cocktail hour. Something that creates an experience for your guests.

10) Private vows - party later

We are definitely noticing a trend for couples to get married with just immediate family, take off on there honeymoon and throw a party that fits there budget when back.

11) Experiential favors - gift cert to do something

In lieu of a small candle or succulent why not a $5 gift card for Starbucks, Menchies or your favorite hang out spot. It allows people to get out and do something.

12) Posh comfort food

Mac & cheese balls, cabbage rolls or goulash dip - it’s whatever it means to you.

13) Dark hued cakes (blacks & deep blues)

Ensure to have a great photographer as these cakes are hard to photo well. If they get it right they are stunning and as romantic as you can get.

14) Branded sips - custom drinks

Love the “sips”! Great word. Hmmm so much to choose from.

15) Band & DJ - both 1

6) Glam guest bar - make up fix etc

Who doesn’t need to fix up after being on the dance floor, crying at the ceremony etc.

17) Structured dresses - Meghan Markle inspiration

18) Natural hair & makeup

19) Customer formal wear - guys belts & jackets

credits - photo by blush photography, info from Bernadette Baille - Marketing Exec - XO Group Inc.