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We are very excited to announce we have just opened a Shopify store for simple garden style weddings. We hope it helps for our small, simpler weddings. They is a limited amount available by weekend and they are only available for Friday/Saturday pick up. Press HERE.

Welcome to our quoting form below for larger weddings.   All weddings are unique so we have put general item ideas on the below form. We will fine tune your flowers/colours and details in a proper quote. Just want to ensure you know this form is not a booking. If your wedding is more complicated please email a list & photos to and we will quote that way. The form does not work for everyone.

Please email us at if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest in our services.

Wedding date
Wedding date
Store pick up *
Delivery needed *
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Wedding Party Flowers
Bridal Bouquet Style
Please put down your colours and flower wishes, then use the tick box for style - view menu for styles.
Bridesmaids Bouquets
Grooms & Groomsmen Boutonnieres
Pew Decorations
Our favorite way to do these is to use our small or large mason jar arrangement and hang from the chairs. (This does not work in a church)
These frame the couple as they are getting married. Vases only supplied for garden style. Rounded are made on a dish to sit on your rental vase.
Typically there are two at the front of the aisles, ceremony area.
Please let us know anything else that might be important.
Reception Tables
Loose mix of greenery laid in the center of the table around vases/candles. Vases/candles not supplied
Loosely tied together mixed greenery with an accent of eucalyptus.
Loosely tied together with approx 2 flowers & 1 filler per foot
Table Centers - shorter style
We fill the vase sizes below with your flowers and colours. Pricing includes vases
Table Centers - rounded tall table center style
These arrangements are made on a dish to sit on your rental vase. We do not supply the vases.
Family Flowers
Corsages for Ladies
Pin on options for Mothers, Family, MC etc
Wrist Corsages for Ladies (Wristlets)
Boutonnieres for Men? (family)
For the men in your family example Fathers, Grandfathers, Ushers, MC's.
Once you submit we will send you a more detailed quote.
Please send inspiration photos to so we can see your style.

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