Vase Care - helping your flowers last!

This blog is store related as we want your flower arrangements to last. When florists make arrangements they use a range of flowers - some more blown open to look great now, and some are closed up to look great later. Typically the stems are left longer to have more visual impact. Everyone loves long stems, but it is also one of the main reasons flowers die quickly.

A little flower knowledge - the longer the stem the faster they die. Think of the flower having to pull water up that long stem. Clogs happen as it’s a natural product. Once it’s clogged the flower will start to wilt. It may be clogged only 2” above the bottom of the stem or 8” - both have the same affect. Wilted flowers.

Florists always go on and on about sharp knives/flower sheers. Truly this is the most important part of our job. They need to be sharp and new to cut the stem cleanly. If they are dull or have been used on paper you will crush the capillaries (arteries) of the flower at the base, result, wilted flowers as they can’t drink.

One point I want to make is please do not use flower food unless you do it exactly. Fresh clean water, cutting the stems shorter (you may need to use a smaller vase) as they wilt and good sharp floral sheers will keep your flowers alive far longer.

Does & Don’ts for your arrangement

Keep filling up the water level to keep it high. Gravity helps force water up the stems when it’s high.

Do take out the flowers that are wilting and try cutting them short, put in warm water in a short vase. They often will perk up. Leaving healthy flowers in the vase.

Do keep out of direct sun. It forces the flowers to open quickly and causes fast bacteria growth.

Don’t re-cut unless you have dedicated floral sheers or knife. Keep our cut and keep filling the vase.

We hope this helps and email us anytime if questions.


As the large arrangement ages, cut stems shorter. Break up into smaller vases. The shortened stem length will extend life of your flowers.