Budget Minded Weddings

When I was prepping for the radio spot I wrote down these notes and I thought they might just help couples decide on dates/budget etc. Did you know that 80% of weddings happen between May and the end of September!

Here are some things to be budget minded about…

  1. What is a budget – a budget is what you can afford.  To me this also goes beyond money.  It’s about budgeting how your time will be spent leading up to your day as well as how much you will spend.
    1. Can you afford to be the person who cleans up after your wedding emotionally.
    2. Can you afford all the time it takes for those little details that will stop you enjoying all the little moments that count the most leading up to your day.  Is saving $10 per table center really worth weeks of your time collecting materials.  Sometimes it is but sometimes it isn’t.
    3. Can you feel good afterwards when the credit card is maxed out.
    4. Did you spend time on things that didn’t matter to you because you though they were important and missed spending time with your friends who flew in.
  2. It’s great to set a a monetary budget – be as realistic as you can.  All those little things add up.  Then do not start buying until 4 months prior to your day.  If you buy a year in advance something better will most likely come along and you may want to rebuy.
  3. Budget minded might mean hiring a wedding planner so you don’t have to work your own wedding.  If there isn’t a planner there people will ask you all the questions and wouldn’t you rather just enjoy.
  4. Budget minded is spending as much as you can on a great photographer.  Jana Vackova  did our wedding and I have never regretted the cost.  It seemed a lot at the time but when I look back I love every single photo.  Now 12 years later I am so thankful I hired a fabulous photographer.
  5. Think of where your guests spend most of there time and decorate the most at that spot/time.  Ceremony is usually quick so anything used at the ceremony needs to be re-usable or keep it simple.  Reception dinner tables – guests can sit here for hours depending on your speeches etc.  This is the place to spend the most time to ensure you make your person style mark.  It can be simple/elaborate etc, that is up to you but it should reflect you as a couple.  Give them things to look at, photos of your life as a couple etc.  They sit there a long time and sometimes they don’t know each other.

A few last ideas to think about are if you can pick your date our of peak season (May-September)  and pick flowers in season.  I hope this helps you a little with your planning.