A letter to prospective clients 2019/2020


Thanks for your interest in Budget Blooms!  We would love to work with you on your big day.  We would like to go over some things that will make it easier for both of us in case we do not get time to tell you during our email conversation.  Please read this through to ensure all goes well on your day.  Please feel free to skip anything you feel isn’t relevant.  Send us a quick email to ask any questions and let us know you have read it.  We don’t want there to be any surprises on your day.


We do not do them and you need to be OK with this!  We do all our quoting over email as that way we can save those service hour costs and apply the savings to your flowers.  Something had to give when we decided to make gorgeous flowers for our prices.


Just a heads up that until we get your deposit it is not a booking. To book it’s 25% of your total rounded to the nearest dollar, this deposit is refundable up until 90 days before your date.  You are welcome to send us an email transfer to jane@budgetblooms.ca. We have auto-deposit so a password should not be needed.  If you would prefer to use a credit card we can send you a PayPal link to use with an additional 3% to cover the surcharge.  We are a small company and that 3% adds up over time.   

Once you book

Please read your invoice to ensure all the details are correct.  That is what we use to design your flowers, besides the pictures you send.  Please ensure you have told us if you “truly dislike” a flower and that it is written prominently on your invoice. If it’s not then it may be used by mistake and we do not take responsibility for that. Please ensure to send photos. Double-check venues/addresses and supply a contact phone number.   We will also need your ceremony & reception start times if at different venues.

We understand you may not know all the details when you book.  It is not as important to be exact until we ask you to confirm your order approx. 4-6 weeks before your date.  At that time, we need you to read everything – details, number of items and delivery/pick up instructions.  Once you have confirmed the invoice we will not be able to lower your invoice $ total, we can rework or make other items bigger.  You can add items at any time.  Ultimately we are here to help you and to make it easy for you. We promise to try to accommodate any last-minute request.

Balance payment

Your balance payment is due the Friday one week before your date.  If we do not receive this balance payment, we cannot start your wedding.  Please ensure to pay promptly via your invoices Pay Now button, sending an email transfer or asking for a PayPal link.

Pick up & Delivery

Store pick up

If you are picking up within store hours on your day please let us know.  If you are late or early it does not matter as we are open.  We need to let you know that if you have set a time that is out of store hours we only allow a 30-minute late window.  Example – If you set your pick up time for 10 am on a Sunday you have until 10:30 to pick up.  Please ensure to call us at 778-388-2051 so we can figure out a plan if you think you will be late.

When picking up please ensure your vehicle is not too crowded.  Flowers need room as they bruise.  Designs can get squished and if something falls on them they are ruined.

In the summer flowers cannot be left in a parked car.  It heats up like an oven and it will ensure they do not last for your day.  Even if the windows are open it’s not ideal.  Once you pick up we are no longer responsible for the flowers.  It’s up to you to ensure that they are kept cool/safe place.

Taking flowers, a day early

We do not recommend it.  Wedding flowers are blown open to look their best on your day, they are not made for lasting vase life.  If you must do it please note we do not guarantee them.


We will need a half-hour window of time to deliver.  This half-hour window needs to be when your venue has all the table clothes on if we are setting table centers in place.  We can start before the tables are completely set as long as the table coverings are on.  If the venue is not ready, we will have to leave the items for a venue staff member or one of your friends to set up.


We do not rent anything, all vases are purchased. We supply all vases for short arrangements but not tall. Tall comes on a dish that sits in the vase you rent from a rental company. We do not supply stands, most venues have them or you will have to arrange with a rental company.

Natural product limitations

We spend a lot of time ensuring your product is healthy and as close to your colours as nature will deliver.  We do reserve the right to not use a promised flower if it’s not healthy.  We will try to let you know but sometimes it’s a last-minute change.  We will not substitute flowers that we know to be unpopular such as carnations/mums, we will substitute with another high-end flower.  Colour in nature changes, there is close but no exacts.

Let me know if I have not covered an area you have questions on, we like to be transparent before you book us.  Thanks for reading

Remember that we would love to see photos of you on your day if you are ok to share.  We know it seems strange that we get attached when we are only on email but we do.  It makes our day to see photos.  



Owner – Budget Blooms