Going Green

We’re all still in love with classic floral blooms, but we’re also seeing a new floral wedding trend emerge. Maybe it’s because we’re based on the west coast, maybe it’s because many of our brides are interested in being a little different, and maybe it’s a cost saving measure? Whatever the reason, greenery-only bouquets are becoming a beautiful and distinctive option for weddings.

It’s not hard to see why. A mix of berries and foliage is perfect for a charming rustic wedding bouquet, but can also be arranged so it’s streamlined and modern. It’s a locally grown, environmentally-friendly choice, and it’s much less expensive (and hardier!) than some pricey, delicate blooms. Finally, it’s a little…unexpected. Dare we say cool?

Obviously, some greens lend themselves to the occasion more than others. Here are some ideas and suggestions for greenery-only bouquets:

Succulents: Ahem. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll note that we’ve mentioned succulents before. That’s because they’re a bit of a favourite around here at Budget Blooms. They’re fun, they come in soft, subtle colours, and you Cannot. Kill. Them. You can even plant them when you’re done – how lovely is that?

Eucalyptus: Always cool. Pretty, rounded leaves combined with that lovely gray-green colour – it’s a natural choice.

Hostas: Large, attractive leaves in an array of green hues from cream to hunter make for a beautiful statement in your bouquet.

Berries: These are really inexpensive and can add some great texture, colour and interest to the other leafy foliage.

Rosemary: Spiky long stems are elegant, and needless to say, they smell great…

There are so many variations to play with. If you’re interested in something different, and are looking for ways to stay on budget, consider going green!