17, Oct 2017

It has been way too long since I posted so will try to make up with a few blogs that have been on my mind.  I wanted to explain our store.  Weddings and events have left over flowers.  Sometimes we need 5 roses out of a bunch of 25 for a wedding as it’s a small order.  What do we do with the 20!  Water wraps & vase arrangements.

When you come into our store you will see we sell $10 & $20 water wraps.  Water wrap means a cello bag of water at the bottom so it stays fresh.  No it won’t stand on it’s own.  For $10 we don’t put a lot of extra time in beyond a nice design.  We make our water wraps out of our left overs.  They are fresh, gorgeous and high end flowers.  They are an amazing deal.  Water wraps are designers choice only.

The same applies to our vase arrangements.  They are an amazing deal if you are ok with designers choice.  We can usually accommodate colour choices but again a little flexibility goes a long way.

The photo is a $20 full of summer flowers.