Marsala Garden Style!

Posted by: Jane Geszler on January 11, 2018

I wanted to share this gorgeous winter wedding.  Chelsey and Brendan were as chill as the day.  They lucked out with no rain and were able to take these wonderful shots by Clint Bargen Photography. Marsala is one of the prettiest colour combinations and garden style shows it so well.  Wishing Chelsey & Brendan an amazing life […]

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Stunning White September Wedding!

Posted by: Jane Geszler on December 20, 2017

Kelly and Stu were amazing to work with.  They came from Toronto to marry in Vancouver.  They chose our textured bouquets and our 4″ cylinder vases for the tables.  They fit perfectly with Bridges Restaurant, a gorgeous Vancouver location.  Cliff Ma Photography captured these stunning shots.                 

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The store of an event florist!

Posted by: Jane Geszler on October 17, 2017

I wanted to explain our store.  We are firstly a wedding, corporate event and holiday florist.  What that means is that we do not keep a huge selection of flowers in the store for walk ins unless it’s a holiday time.  We always have fresh and gorgeous designers choice bouquets as our weekly deal but […]

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A letter to prospective clients

Posted by: Jane Geszler on October 17, 2017

Letter to prospective clients of Budget Blooms   Hello, Thanks for your interest in Budget Blooms!  We would love to work with you on your big day.  We would like to go over some things that will make it easier for both of us in case we do not get time to tell you during […]

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Budget Minded Weddings

Posted by: Jane Geszler on April 7, 2017

When I was prepping for the radio spot I wrote down these notes and I thought they might just help couples decide on dates/budget etc. Did you know that 80% of weddings happen between May and the end of September!   Here are some things to be budget minded about… What is a budget – […]

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02, Feb 2017

Valentines pre-book!

Posted by: Jane Geszler on February 2, 2017

ONLINE ORDERING SOLD OUT  – please call the store today between 11:30 & 4pm, Monday 10-6pm or Tuesday 10am opening until sold out.

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How we work & why we are different!

Posted by: Jane Geszler on January 18, 2017

It’s tough to order online when it’s a once in a life time day.  We get that.  The thing is that if we did consultations we would have to charge for that time somehow.  Margins on perishable products are not huge and we wanted to “be a good deal”.  To provide great flowers at our […]

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Our products – lush vs. simple garden style bouquets

Posted by: Jane Geszler on January 16, 2017

Garden style can mean different things to different people.  To us, garden style is lots of loose stems combined in a messy but balanced arrangement.  Our words “lush” & “simple” describe the amount of flowers, as both come with lots of greenery. Lush is flower loaded, meaning you will see more flowers than greens. Simple […]

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Rentals no more, buy back is here!

Posted by: Jane Geszler on December 20, 2016

In our journey to ensure the lowest pricing we can for the best quality we do not RENT!  There are a lot of rentals companies.  Rentals add man hours which adds costs.  We are flower experts – not rental experts. Note: All of our short vases are included in our great pricing or you can […]

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