07, Apr 2017

Budget Minded Weddings

When I was prepping for the radio spot I wrote down these notes and I thought they might just help couples decide on dates/budget etc. Did you know that 80% of weddings happen between May and the end of September!


Here are some things to be budget minded about…

  1. What is a budget – a budget is what you can afford.  To me this also goes beyond money.  It’s about budgeting how your time will be spent leading up to your day as well as how much you will spend.
    1. Can you afford to be the person who cleans up after your wedding emotionally.
    2. Can you afford all the time it takes for those little details that will stop you enjoying all the little moments that count the most leading up to your day.  Is saving $10 per table center really worth weeks of your time collecting materials.  Sometimes it is but sometimes it isn’t.
    3. Can you feel good afterwards when the credit card is maxed out.
    4. Did you spend time on things that didn’t matter to you because you though they were important and missed spending time with your friends who flew in.
  2. It’s great to set a a monetary budget – be as realistic as you can.  All those little things add up.  Then do not start buying until 4 months prior to your day.  If you buy a year in advance something better will most likely come along and you may want to rebuy.
  3. Budget minded might mean hiring a wedding planner so you don’t have to work your own wedding.  If there isn’t a planner there people will ask you all the questions and wouldn’t you rather just enjoy.
  4. Budget minded is spending as much as you can on a great photographer.  Jana Vackova  did our wedding and I have never regretted the cost.  It seemed a lot at the time but when I look back I love every single photo.  Now 12 years later I am so thankful I hired a fabulous photographer.
  5. Think of where your guests spend most of there time and decorate the most at that spot/time.  Ceremony is usually quick so anything used at the ceremony needs to be re-usable or keep it simple.  Reception dinner tables – guests can sit here for hours depending on your speeches etc.  This is the place to spend the most time to ensure you make your person style mark.  It can be simple/elaborate etc, that is up to you but it should reflect you as a couple.  Give them things to look at, photos of your life as a couple etc.  They sit there a long time and sometimes they don’t know each other.

A few last ideas to think about are if you can pick your date our of peak season (May-September)  and pick flowers in season.  I hope this helps you a little with your planning.

02, Feb 2017

Valentines pre-book!

ONLINE ORDERING SOLD OUT  – please call the store today between 11:30 & 4pm, Monday 10-6pm or Tuesday 10am opening until sold out.

How we work & why we are different!

It’s tough to order online when it’s a once in a life time day.  We get that.  The thing is that if we did consultations we would have to charge for that time somehow.  Margins on perishable products are not huge and we wanted to “be a good deal”.  To provide great flowers at our prices we had to cut out time.

When starting the business and working solo I realized that I would never have the time to meet and spend an hour (plus travel time, organization time), lets say 2.5 hours with each client.  I started to think that I always ordered online.  I found it easier.  I found that the persons sales skills could not sway me.  I only bought where I saw concrete evidence of a good product, Instagram and Wedding Wire are a good place to start for our evidence.

How our process works today.

Send us an email with a list of the items you need, your colours, your venues and photos for style & shape of items.  It’s all about the photos.  They will tell us more than your words do.   If your wedding is fairly simple our DIY quoting on our website will make it easy for you, if not an email list will be easier.

We will enter a quote, detail it to your photos and venues, make suggestions for double use if we can and then send to you.  If you want to book we ask for a 25% deposit.  This deposit is refundable unless we have started to buy.  Email us as much as you need too!

The kicker is your order can still change as much or as little as you need until we ask you to confirm it. This usually happens 4 to 6 weeks prior to your day depending on the time of year.  If your date is less than a month away then it’s full payment up front as we have to order etc.  After you have confirmed and paid we still help out as weddings change.   We can rework them to ensure they are not wasted, we just cannot delete them as we have committed to the flower order ourselves.

We give exceptional customer service to our clients, just not in person.  Don’t feel it’s personal that we say no we cannot meet as this applies to everyone.  Planners/Brides/Decoration Companies etc.

Oh!  Forgot to mention we are completely transparent – all our prices are in our DIY quoting system so you can look before you contact us.  We don’t want to waste your time either.

Our products – lush vs. simple garden style bouquets

Garden style can mean different things to different people.  To us, garden style is lots of loose stems combined in a messy but balanced arrangement.  Our words “lush” & “simple” describe the amount of flowers, as both come with lots of greenery.

Lush is flower loaded, meaning you will see more flowers than greens.

Simple is greenery loaded with a few choice big blooms so you will see mostly greenery.

This is an example of a lush garden style.



This is a sample of simple garden style.


We hope this helps to explain our products.



Rentals no more, buy back is here!

In our journey to ensure the lowest pricing we can for the best quality we do not RENT!  There are a lot of rentals companies.  Rentals add man hours which adds costs.  We are flower experts – not rental experts.

Note: All of our short vases are included in our great pricing or you can supply your own.

We want to ensure we make the process easier for you, like our byline “Simply beautiful for your day” so we came up with our buy back plan for smaller weddings.  Larger weddings I suggest using a decoration company as it’s just plain easier on you.

How it works:  Simple – you buy the vases/stands.  If you decide to return them then you get 50% back which brings the costs down to be similar to rental costs.  If you keep them, no problem as they are already yours.

What we offer:

  • 1) 20″ fluted glass vase for $20 each that is perfect for our 10, 13 & 15″ tall arrangements.
  • 2) 10″ high cylinder vase $25 each that is perfect for our 18″ & 20″ arrangements.  You will need to rent stands for the larger sized tall arrangements to sit on.  We do not have them and our buy back stand is too small.
  • 3) Buy Back Stand – Another option for the 10, 13 & 15″ arrangements is to have them made in our buy back stands $40 each.  The arrangement cost is on top of the stand cost.  They are great indoors or on grass.  They are very simple, they can have fabric wrapped around them, or you can spray paint them (not returnable if painted).  They are 4 simple legs under the arrangement.  The arrangement does not need a vase it is made in the stand – it will be about 4′ high.

The best thing is if you have hired us to do delivery/set up – we set them up for you. Leave the box’s for you at the venue. Then it’s up to you. The only rule is they have to be undamaged and returned the same year you rented them so no hurry.  You have time to return them as we know North Delta is not on everyone’s beaten path.

Our Store, and it’s uses.

We were busy the spring of 2016.  Setting up our new store, hiring new staff, working on our business in general.  We still don’t do consultations but we noticed a common question.  How big are the items and what do the buy backs look like?  Our store was opened to help answer that question.

It’s so hard to show in photo’s so we decided to do it in silks. We recommend having us quote you by email first.  As that way we know exactly what to show you as we do not do consultations and may only have a few minutes.  If we are not busy we will happily chat longer but we cannot promise.  Remember less service hours means less pricing – something had to give to offer our pricing.

A few reasons we ask you to email.

Reason #1

Most events are months away when you book.  If you relay any important information over the phone or verbally at the store it will be forgotten.  If you email the information it will be there for us to refer to when needed.  We want to do a great job and this is what we have done to ensure that.

When we quote we always ask for pictures.  This is the most important part of the quoting process.  These go into your file to be referred to when designing.

Reason #2.

When I call a plumber I have no idea what to call the items he will need.  It’s the same with a florist.  If you use words you have read on the internet, they may give the wrong description of what you are after.  Pictures are best!

I hope this helps explain a little more why we say please email and how we are a little different and that we will not work for everyone.  We know that.  We want to make things simple for you in a very complicated, fun and exciting year.  The year you get married.


Simply beautiful for your day

Going Green

We’re all still in love with classic floral blooms, but we’re also seeing a new floral wedding trend emerge. Maybe it’s because we’re based on the west coast, maybe it’s because many of our brides are interested in being a little different, and maybe it’s a cost saving measure? Whatever the reason, greenery-only bouquets are becoming a beautiful and distinctive option for weddings.

It’s not hard to see why. A mix of berries and foliage is perfect for a charming rustic wedding bouquet, but can also be arranged so it’s streamlined and modern. It’s a locally grown, environmentally-friendly choice, and it’s much less expensive (and hardier!) than some pricey, delicate blooms. Finally, it’s a little…unexpected. Dare we say cool?

Obviously, some greens lend themselves to the occasion more than others. Here are some ideas and suggestions for greenery-only bouquets:

Succulents: Ahem. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll note that we’ve mentioned succulents before. That’s because they’re a bit of a favourite around here at Budget Blooms. They’re fun, they come in soft, subtle colours, and you Cannot. Kill. Them. You can even plant them when you’re done – how lovely is that?

Eucalyptus: Always cool. Pretty, rounded leaves combined with that lovely gray-green colour – it’s a natural choice.

Hostas: Large, attractive leaves in an array of green hues from cream to hunter make for a beautiful statement in your bouquet.

Berries: These are really inexpensive and can add some great texture, colour and interest to the other leafy foliage.

Rosemary: Spiky long stems are elegant, and needless to say, they smell great…

There are so many variations to play with. If you’re interested in something different, and are looking for ways to stay on budget, consider going green!

img_6026       BB Garden Style (17)


15, Mar 2015

Marsala Steps Into the Limelight…

Well, it’s arrived. Pantone, the arbiter of all that is colour, announced that the official “It” colour of 2015 is Marsala, a soft brownish red named after the sweet Italian wine. A radical departure from Pantone’s more recent colour picks (2013 was Emerald, and 2014 was Radiant Orchid), Marsala is a softer, earthier tone that will be universally appealing, especially to brides, who may find its hue more flattering on them than hot purple. Already popping up in fashion shows and interior design, we’re starting to see it more in weddings as well.

Not that we’re surprised – Marsala partners beautifully with brightly coloured summer tones such as pink, yellow and orange, grounding them and making them more sophisticated, but can be the star of the show on its own with white or ivory. We especially love it set off by interesting greens like eucalyptus and dusty millar for a modern flair.

Some classic blooms that come in Marsala hues are gerberas, dahlias, peonies and calla lilies, and for those who want to take a more exotic , edgier approach there is kangaroo paw and orchids. It even comes in succulents! Oh, all right, not really, but they’re so cool that we wanted to include them anyway. All of these flowers are gorgeous, but if you’re keeping an eye on the bottom line then stick to gerberas, dahlias and kangaroo paw. They’re less expensive, but will still give you the look you’re going for.

What do you think of Marsala – is it grabbing you, or do you prefer brighter, more traditionally pretty colours for wedding flowers? We’d love to hear your thoughts…